Official language in Slovenia is Slovene, but there are many dialects. In the surrounding of Lendava, many people speak Hungarian. Usually it is possible to communicate in English, Croatian or German language.

It is possible to telephone from phone booths and hotel rooms. The Pomurje area is also very well covered with signal for mobile phones. Country code for Slovenia is 386, number for information about telephone subscribers in Slovenia is 1188, a number for police is 113 and rescue center 112.

First aid/ Emergency
Number 112 is for emergency calls. All dispensaries offer first aid to anyone in emergency cases, but insurance companies cover the costs of treatment only to those, who have international medical insurance. Other patients have to pay by themselves.

Currency in Slovenia
As of 1.1.2007 the Euro became the official currency in Slovenia, for both cash and non-cash transactions. Payment with Tolars was allowed until 14.01.2007, when the tandem circulation of both currencies ceased.

Non-cash payment with credit or debit cards is possible everywhere through POS terminals. Cards accepted for payment are MasterCard, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, Amex and Diners (depends on the sales outlet and the contract it has) and local cards Activa and Karanta.
You can also withdraw cash at automatic teller machines of different banks which are located across the whole country. Cash withdrawal is possible mainly with MasterCard and Visa cards. Withdrawals can also be made using Maestro, Cirrus and Visa Electron Plus, where indicated by stickers on individual automated teller machines.

At banks, visitors to Slovenia can exchange money and cash traveller’s cheques, open bank accounts, deposit cash and conduct other non-cash business. Banks are usually open during the week between 9:00 and 12:00 and 14:00 and 17:00.

Money can also be exchanged in exchange offices, at hotel reception desks, tourist agencies and petrol stations.

You can travel around Slovenia by public bus or train.

Train travel is mostly on local trains, and on some routes there are also Eurocity and Intercity (ICS) trains, which provide the fastest means of train travel. Connections between larger cities and towns are regular and quite frequent and the trains are comfortable and air-conditioned. The main train station in Ljubljana is located very near the centre of the city.

Besides local connections, international connections are also available. Ljubljana is directly connected with Vienna, Graz, Villach and Salzburg in Austria; Sofia in Bulgaria; Prague in the Czech Republic; Solun (Thessaloniki) in Greece; Zagreb, Pula, Opatia and Rijeka in Croatia; Venice in Italy; Budapest in Hungary; Skopje in Macedonia; Munich in Germany; Belgrade in Serbia; and Zürich in Switzerland.

The main bus station in Ljubljana is located directly across the road from the train station. Bus connections are frequent and available to distant locations throughout the country.

How to say in Slovene?

Hello - Zdravo
Good morning - Dobro jutro
Good day - Dober dan
Good evening - Dober večer
Goodbye - Nasvidenje

Yes - Da
No - Ne

Thank you - Hvala
Please - Prosim
Welcome - Dobrodošli

Where is…? - Kje je... ?
How much is…? - Koliko stane...?

In Prekmurje (Goričko), we have characteristic continental climate, which means cold and dry winters and hot and sultry weather in summer. Usually, the weather can be very unstable in spring and autumn.

October is a med-autumn month and is characterized by autumn rain, brought by warm and humid SW Mediterranean wind. In lowlands and depressions in calm weather fog often appears but October sunrays are still strong enough to disperse it. More obstinate than fog is cloudiness that can last the whole day. But sometimes October can please us with warm and sunny weather, which emphasizes a rich palette of autumn colors.

weather weather
Days are getting shorter and the strength of sunrays is declining noticeably. Average day temperature in Slovenia decreases from beginning to end of this month for about 6 °C.

More information about weather in Slovenia can be found here.

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