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Wednesday, 23 April 2008
In the year 2008, when the project LIFE‐NATURA titled Conservation of otter population in Goricko (Slovenia), phase 1 will approach its end, LUTRA Institute, the leading partner of LIFE project, decided to devote the whole month to Eurasian otter. In October, several activities concerning conservation and promotion of the otter, the endangered ambassador of freshwater ecosystems will be held. The event will fit perfectly into the frame of Slovenian Presidency of the EU Council 2008.

• European Otter Workshop (EOW) ‐ the central event of the EU Otter Month.
• Renewal of the website with adding a new site for EOW‐08.
• Opening of a new Otter centre in Križevci (Goričko) with an education path.
• An exhibition about the otters of the world (Swiss).
• Proclaiming the local community of Gornji Petrovci for an otter‐friendly community.
• Promotion of the foundation AQUALUTRA, established for the activities “life after LIFE”.
• Proclaiming a friendship between local communities of Hwacheon (South Korea) and Gornji Petrovci and signing an agreement for otter conservation.
• A charity concert and silent auction for the benefit of Foundation AQUALUTRA.
• Accompanying press conferences
• etc.

All events will be filmed by our partner, Grand Co. Video Production and included into a DVD and TV film about the course of LIFE project.
All national representatives of the IUCN/SSC/OSG are kindly asked to contribute to the “European Otter Month” with an original action for otter conservation, everybody in her/his country. This way, the European Otter Month will get the real European width and depth, which will, like European otter, stretch over European geographical boundaries. It would be wonderful if every country, represented in EOW‐08 in Slovenia will give short information of its activity in this regard.
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