Thursday, 12 March 2009

Europe: Collecting and using information on otter road casualties (L. Bonesi) pdf pdf 409.54 Kb

Otter centres in Europe (A. De Jongh) pdf pdf 1.27 Mb

Otter Studbook (A. De Jongh) ppt ppt 1.04 Mb

The otter – the great fisher and winter bather (S. Erlinge) pdf pdf 5.61 Mb

Implementation of the otter in market communication (E. Gabric) pdf pdf 3.46 Mb

Eurasian otter (Lutra lutra) - current state in Bulgaria (D. Georgiev) pdf pdf 5.00 Mb

Assessment of otter population size: non-invasive genetic sampling and snow tracking (P. Hajkova) pdf pdf 1.88 Mb

Genetic structure in otter populations in the Czech & Slovak Republics (P. Hajkova) pdf pdf 1.40 Mb

Distribution of otter in France from 1950 to 2005 (P. Heuze) pdf pdf 61.52 Kb

Otter situation in Slovenia (M. Hönigsfeld Adamič) pdf pdf 2.73 Mb

Otter’s back to Switzerland! How long for? (U. Iff) pdf pdf 972.72 Kb

Reintroduction of the otter: hidden life revealed by non-invasive genetic monitoring and post-mortem examinations (H. Jansman) pdf pdf 3.39 Mb

DNA fingerprinting of the otter population in the National park Goričko (H. Jontez) pdf pdf 768.38 Kb

Country report of the Slovak Republic (Z. Kadlecikova) pdf pdf 1.16 Mb

Study on otters in Albania threats and diseases (K. Korro) pdf pdf 164.93 Kb

Country Report Austria (A. Kranz) pdf pdf 1.19 Mb

The German Otter Centre (H.H. Krüger) pdf pdf 2.23 Mb

Country Report: Germany (H.H. Krüger) pdf pdf 2.59 Mb

Otter Habitat Network Europe (H.H. Krüger) pdf pdf 6.88 Mb

The Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC and the conservation of the otter in Europe (A. Loy) pdf pdf 3.80 Mb

Italy country report (A. Loy) pdf pdf 4.48 Mb

Assessing trends in otter Lutra lutra populations: range edge surveys and occupancy/detectability models (M. Marcelli) pdf pdf 852.60 Kb

Assessing the impact of dam implementation on otters: the cases of Alqueva (SE Portugal) and Sabor (NE Portugal) dams (N.M. Pedroso) pdf pdf 3.93 Mb

Country report of the Czech Republic (L. Polednik) pdf pdf 1.67 Mb

NATURA 2000 versus OTTER (L. Polednik) pdf pdf 464.14 Kb

Behavioural ecology of the Eurasian otter (Lutra lutra) in alentejo, southern Portugal (L. Quaglietta) pdf pdf 1.26 Mb

Screening for chlorinated organic compounds and their metabolites in otter (Lutra lutra) scats from two areas in Sweden (A. Roos) pdf pdf 504.85 Kb

Road mortality and permeability for otters in a Mediterranean region (M. Santos-Reis) pdf pdf 3.16 Mb

Life Nature Project: Habitat Restoration for the Otter (G. Schmidt) pdf pdf 1.46 Mb

Conservationof otterpopulation(Lutra lutra) in Goričko –Phase1 (J. Smole) pdf pdf 5.66 Mb

Improvement of otter habitats in the area of Goričko with ecoremediation (A. Šajn Slak) pdf pdf 2.58 Mb

Freshwater Ecosystems –Pollution and Loading from the Biological Point of View (M.J. Toman) pdf pdf 2.29 Mb