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Thursday, 27 March 2008

After Padula (Italy), where the last European Otter Workshop took place in October 2005, LUTRA, Institute for Conservation of Natural Heritage from Slovenia, has the honour to organize EOW in Moravske Toplice (Slovenia), just in the margin of the largest Slovenian Landscape Park - Goričko and at the same time Natura 2000 site. In this area a LIFE-NATURA project titled Conservation of the otter population (Lutra lutra) in Goričko (LIFE04 NAT/SI/000234 - AQUALUTRA) is running for the fourth year and will conclude in “European Otter Month”, October 2008.

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What are the reasons for our meeting?

Apart from unforgettable otter colloquium in Hwacheon, where otter people of IUCN/SSC/OSG from the whole world came together and discussed about all otter species, we also need meetings focused on particular species or particular region (continent) discussing special problems regarding species or region.
European Otter Workshops (EOW) are dedicated to the species Lutra lutra but also its habitats comprising not only European countries but extending widely to the East. This time, a lot of typical “EU” nature conservation problems are waiting to be solved, originating from common EU legislation which, in combination with national legislations, gives different practical results. However, this does not mean that nobody from other but European countries should participate in workshop. On the contrary! We will welcome our colleagues from the countries which are still to be joined European Union as well as non-EU members, but also participants from Asian countries if they find our topics interesting. In South Korea, we have all learned once more that the otter is far from respecting political frontiers - instead, it is connecting people and nations over these carrying the message of peace and friendship. So, let’s accept its message leaving political conflicts behind!

Why we decided for this particular venue?

Because we know that the most vital Slovenian population of Eurasian otter is thriving in Goričko and that we will have the opportunity to visit the most interesting sites there. Because we wish you to join us by the celebration when opening the new otter centre in otter-friendly community Gornji Petrovci. Because we can rely upon our partners, Hotel Vivat and Community Moravske Toplice in hosting our meeting. Because people of Goričko are known to be very warm keeping their door always open. Last but not least, because Goričko is a nice, wavy countryside with low valleys, beautiful forests and old vineyards extending on the slopes of rounded hills. And October is the time of vintage...

Goričko is inviting you to our old otter-company! Welcome.

Marjana Hönigsfeld Adamič

LUTRA, Institute for Conservation of Natural Heritage
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